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Clinical and rational, forensic pathologist Margo Nolan is wholly unprepared for sudden parenthood when she is named guardian to a tween that she once loved as a daughter. Struggling to balance her professional life against sudden parenthood, Margo is at a loss of how to reach out to her ‘daughter’ Emma. Complicating matters is the sexy doctor-next-door Jamie Gillespie.

Jamie Gillespie volunteered to step in as village doctor for his uncle—in part as a favor to the older man and in part to stick it to his father’s ambitions. The last thing he expected was to meet the tough and seemingly cold Margo, but he can’t ignore his attraction for the woman or his need to help her out.

The question is—can Jamie overcome Margo’s reticence and build a proper life together or will she let old fears and prejudices keep the sexy village doctor at arm’s length?

Warning: Contains a thoroughly British sensibility and humor, as well as a charming doctor and tween angst…

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