an awesome book blog AND time left over to tackle that monstrous TBR? omG YES.

Hey, you got 20394 hours a day to grow your book blog and bookstagram and booktube and whatnot?

Well of COURSE not! You need that time to read. That's why I created *DRUMROLL* the takeout army — no fluff, no-holds-barred strategies to take your book blogging life to the next level. Here's what you can get:
  • sneak peeks and walkthroughs for ALL of my bookstagram experiments – including templates for you!
  • resource guides to grow your blog without neglecting your monstrous TBR — I grew mine by 400% ON HIATUS
  • and just for fun: all of the bookish love, from fairytale retellings to villain deaths!
Tell me where to send your freebies and start rocking that book blog!
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